About us

Owner/Manager Frank Beltrame established Nu-Tek Engineering in the Burdekin region in 1996, from humble beginnings, leasing a small commercial workspace, one second hand CNC machine and employing one staff member. Demand for Nu-Tek Engineering’s services saw the business grow and relocate in 2002 to its currently owned premises at 7 Bird Street, Ayr. Now at any given time the company employs in excess of twenty full time staff and has expanded to house eight CNC machines and three robots.

Nu-Tek Engineering has recently acquired a long standing and well known Home Hill Fabrication business of Pegoraro Manufacturing Pty Ltd. This has allowed Nu-Tek Engineering to provide a service of repair and maintenance to old and manufacture of new machinery for the agricultural and horticultural industries, including but not limited to; fruit and vegetable packing equipment, picking aids and general fabrication. Nu-Tek Engineering has now over 150 years of combined experience in Manufacturing and Fabrication.

Currently our main demand is for the manufacture of an extensive range of parts/fittings for The mining industry, on-site mine maintenance and repairs, rebuild of large agricultural and mining machinery. They also have the machining capabilities to produce a wide variety of nuts, bolts and specialty items. Over the years Nu-Tek Engineering has also branched out into the agricultural sector manufacturing and repairing a variety of chopper drums and cane harvester parts. Business also provides design/manufacture to customers requirements.

Due to increased demand and recent business acquisition Nu-Tek Engineering has just completed its third extension of its commercial premises which resulted in over 3000² metres of undercover area. This has enabled Nu-Tek Engineering to keep an extensive range of steel and stainless steel stock on hand undercover allowing for a quick turnaround to meet customers demands.
Nu-Tek Engineering is the only business north of Brisbane to provide a Alkaline Zinc Electroplating Plant. Zinc electroplating coating provides products with a clean rust protective finish which has been salt spray tested for corrosion resistance for up to 1000 hours.
For all your fabrication and manufacturing requirements please contact Frank for an obligation free quote on 4783 5221.