Our services

We are an approved Quality Assured Supplier (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015) and our procedures ensure every item is exactly what you have ordered.

1. Specialized Engineering

We currently manufacture for the Mining Sector, Agricultural, General and other specialised fields. Nu-Tek Engineering has Eight Mazak CNC Machines. These machines are capable of producing single or multiple components and also the repair of odd shaped components:

  • Integrex 300 IV S (un-maned machine fitted with Fanuc R-2000iB/165F Robot)

  • VTC-200C

  • Multiplex 6250 (un-maned machine with bar feeder & robot)

  • Nexus 250my (with bar feeder)

  • Integrex 200-II Y (with Fanuc R-30iA Robot)

  • Nexus 250-II MSY (with bar feeder)

  • Nexus 250 M
  • Integrex 30

    Which gives us the machining abilities on the computer machines of:

  • 660mm diameter Chucking

  • 500mm diameter x 1.5 meter length

  • In milling they have 10 horse power

  • Machines have 35 to 40 horse power on Chuck

  • Our Mazak CNC Machines can Mill, Drill and Tap in any position

General workshop equipment consists of Broaching Press and Press, Centre Lathe 1 metre – 4 metres, J1-530 Lathe, Mazak Rex Centre Lathe .850 over carriage x 4 metres long, Pacific 1500 Milling Machine, 2 Automatic Band Saws, Guillotine 2400x3mm, Folder 2400x2mm, CNC Profile Cutter, a Pedestal Drill and a Radial Drill.

200 tonne Press able to brake press small items.

Horizontal Press for internal swaging pipe.

750² metres undercover fabrication area.

Oxy cutting facility.

Stick and Tig Welding.

Pipe threading machine.

Hydraulic testing unit for pressure vessels.

2. Electroplating

Electroplating Plant – Alkaline Zinc Electroplating using a thick film Trivalent Chromate Passivate coating – trade name is TriPass ELV 6000 (IMDS No: 106496640). This coating is Silver in colour. It has a high corrosion resistance after heat treatment at 200oc and high abrasion resistance. This product has been salt spray tested to 1000 hours in accordance with ASTM B117-07a standard. The Zinc Electroplating finish allows ease of handling i.e. No greasy protective residue, giving the product a clean rust protective finish; unlike conventional galvanizing there is no problem with threads or bearing sizes. Electroplated to 15 micron coverage: Australian standards: AS1789 – 2003.

Regarding galvanising vs. electroplating. The thickness of the zinc is the biggest factor. 120 um of zinc on a galvanised component will beat 12 um of zinc on an electroplated deposit any day. However electrodeposited zinc is much denser, harder and less porous. It normally has a chromate conversion coating e.g. colour often as a top coat. These protect the zinc itself from corroding, so the zinc will not break down until the chromate coating has. Often this will take many years to happen, so it may be 5-10 years before the zinc starts to corrode, whereas with galvanising the zinc has been corroding since day one. Look at all the zinc plated components under the bonnet of a car and consider how long these last. Electrodeposited zinc is smoother – so less likely to form/hold water droplets in humid conditions. It is paintable unlike galvanizing which has zinc oxide on its surface from day one. Zinc oxide breaks down the cross linkers in PE and epoxy paints and causes them to loose adhesion.

All in all, in a typical non marine/non extreme environment the two will protect for a similar amount of time. The only way to know for sure is to compare the two coatings in the environment that you are expecting to install it in.

3. Fabrication

Our fabrication staff have a combined 35 years of experience in the agriculture & horticulture industries and can repair or fabricate new equipment, including but not limited to; fruit and vegetable packing equipment, picking aids, farm implements and laser scoops.